How we work

We start with an initial consultation which will give us the opportunity to really understand you as a performer.  Time will be spent getting to understand your strengths and work out the best combination of tracks for you.  We promise a unique bespoke service – we don’t work to a set design, but tailor each package to the individual performer.

Whereas other voice reel companies have a limited number of scripts and the same ones are used over and over again, we have a huge library available to us and the process of choosing scripts is a considered and detailed operation.  Our aim is to produce something that sounds like a compilation of actual work, not a demo reel.

Most importantly, you will be given time in the recording session to hone your skill.  We will guide and support you and you will leave the session knowing some of the tricks of the trade and how to work in the booth to best use your voice.  We will make sure you leave feeling confident and totally prepared for your first professional voiceover job.

How We Work - Bespoke Voice Reel Recordings